Current Executive Board

  • President: Sharon Heung (IS)
  • Treasurer: Anne Wu (CS)
  • Social Delegator: Marianne Aubin le Quere (IS), Julia Len (CS)
  • Wellbeing Officer: Liam Albright (IS)
  • Hiring Committee Officer: Emily Tseng (IS), Dan Adler (IS)

How to Get Involved

  • Attend Meetings

    • The PACT board has meetings typically every two weeks at least during the Fall and Spring semesters.  These meetings are open to all PhD students, and attending is one of the best ways to get involved. If you have a cause or item that you particularly care about, you can discuss it with your Departmental Rep, Strategic Officer, or a President to get it added to the meeting’s agenda in advance.
  • Ask for Resources

    • PACT can help you publicize issues and events, help advocate with faculty and administration, and help coordinate with other people.  PACT also has some funds which are publically accessible which can be used to pay for events, materials, food, and access costs in the general interest of PhD students at Cornell Tech.  To apply for these funds, see more details under the Getting Funding from PACT page.
  • Run for a Position on the Board

    • All PACT officers hold a one year term, starting in Spring semester to the end of Fall semester, following the calendar year.  

Past Boards

  • 2021
    • President: Ge Gao (CS)
    • Treasurer: Yin Li (IS)
    • Social Delegator: Marianne Aubin le Quere (IS)
    • Wellbeing Officer: Sharon Heung (IS)
    • Hiring Committee Officer: Emily Tseng (IS)
    • Departmental Representative: Julia Len (CS), Yicheng Bai (ORIE), Marianne Aubin le Quere (IS)
  • 2020
    • Presidents: Anthony Poon (IS) and Emily Tseng (IS)
    • Treasurer: Travers Rhodes (CS)
    • Strategic Officers: Yicheng Bai (ORIE) and Ge Gao (CS)
    • Social Delegators: Sam Havron (CS) and Wenqi Xian (CS)
    • Well-Being officers: Zekun Hao (CS) and Natalie Friedman (IS)
    • Department Reps: Emily Tseng (IS), Amy (Bing-Zhen) Zhang (ORIE), Alane Suhr (CS), Alexandra Gallyas Sanhueza (ECE)
  • 2018-2019
    • Presidents: Alane Suhr (CS) and Amy (Bing-Zhen) Zhang (ORIE)
    • Treasurer: Deepak Maram (CS)
    • Strategic Officer: Eugene Bagdasaryan
    • Social Chair: Yiqing Hua
  • 2017-2018
    • Presidents: Kimberly Wilber and Paul Grubbs
    • Treasurer: Rahul Chatterjee and Dipendra Misra
    • Secretary: Longqi Yang
    • Social Chair: Seongtaek Lim
    • Brown Bag Chair: Xiao Ma
  • 2016-2017
    • Presidents: Emily Sun and Neta Tamir
    • Treasurers: Rahul Chatterjee and Lei Shi
    • Secretary: Kimberly Wilber
    • Social Chair: Anthony Poon
    • Brown Bag Chair: Dipendra Misra
  • 2015-2016
    • President: Brittany Nkounkou
    • Secretary: Antonio Marcedone
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