Living in NYC
> Living in NYC


Recommended basic gyms

  • Crunch 59th St
    • Really close to the tram in Manhattan
    • Free weights (2 deadlifting platforms with bumper plates, 3 power racks, several flat and incline benches) and machines
    • Cardio equipment
    • Free classes (spin, yoga, boxing… there are usually 5-6 classes every day, and the class offerings change every month)
    • Personal training (for a fee)
  • Blink 240 E 54th
    • Really close to the tram in Manhattan
    • Cheap! (~$25 month w/ unlimited towel service for $10 extra per month)
  • Options from the student service website

Specialized gyms

  • Swimming
    • Asphalt Green (UES)
    • Roosevelt Island Sportspark (near campus)
  • Climbing
    • The Cliffs (LIC)
    • Brooklyn Boulder (Queensbridge).  Use your Cornell Tech ID to get discounted membership.

Eating good food!

Near campus:

  • Recommended restaurants you can get to by tram (Manhattan)
    • Totto Ramen (52nd and 2nd)
    • The Smith (American) (51st and 2nd)
    • Land of Plenty (Sichuan) (58th and 2nd)
    • Birch Coffee (62nd and Lexington)
    • Al Horno (try the cactus!) 57th/2nd
    • Moti Mahal (North Indian) (1149 1st Av)
  • Nearby grocery stores
    • Wholesome Market (on RI)
    • Gristedes (now called Foodtown?) (on RI)
    • RI Farmers Market (on RI, under the bridge) [only on Saturdays]
    • Whole Foods (Midtown East)
    • Morton Williams (Midtown East)

Not near the campus:

  • Queens is one-stop away on the F-train, and has one of the most diverse (might we say the most diverse) food scene you can find in the world! It’s even estimated that 160 languages are spoken just in the borough Queens. Specifically check-out:
    • For Indian, Nepalese, Peruvian, Colombian – Jackson Heights (take the F to Jackson Heights — Roosevelt Ave. Two stops from Cornell Tech.)
    • Chinese, Korean – Flushing (take the F to Jackson Heights — Roosevelt Ave, transfer to the Flushing-bound 7 train and get-off at Flushing Main St. station)
    • Greek – Astoria (walk! Or, take the Ferry from Roosevelt Island to Astoria)
  •  See

Getting medical care

  • You can look here for a list of providers in-network (for both primary care and mental health resources)
  • Your health insurance people will probably have a website (e.g., for Aetna, which most students have, but verify that this is your insurance) where you can search for more providers in-network.
  • You can email Student Wellness at with specific questions.