Getting Funding from PACT
> Getting Funding from PACT

Requesting and Getting Approval

Publically available funding is divided into two categories: small and large requests.  Small requests are any requests no more than $150 dollars.

Small Projects Funding

Approval for small projects is automatically granted using the following process unless objections are raised.  Use the following template to announce your request to the overall PhD student body at Cornell Tech. This can be to the #phds-at-cornell-tech Slack channel or via e-mail at tech-phd-students-l <at> list.cornell.

Hi, PhDs.  I’m proposing the following use of funds under the PACT small projects funding guidelines for <purpose of your request>:

  • <Itemized list of requested expenses.> (<$ estimate of item.)

The estimated total for this funding request is <$ estimated total>.

This will be auto-approved in 3 business days unless there are 2 or more objections (in which case, matter will be decided at the next PACT meeting).  To object, please reply to this message or contact a PACT officer.

Requests which receive at least two objections cannot be auto-approved.  Please attend the next PACT meeting and bring your request to the floor for approval.

Note that the PACT Treasurer and President may issue a blanket objection for all requests for the remaining duration of the semester if and only if the PACT budget does not support any further requests.

PACT Meeting Approval

Small requests which are not auto-approved and all large requests more than $150 dollars must be presented at a PACT board meeting for approval.  In this meeting, prepare to discuss the purpose of your request, why it serves the broader PhD student community at Cornell Tech, and estimated itemized costs.

In this meeting, any PACT officer may motion to reject the request or motion to send the request to referendum.  If at least two officers reject, the request is rejected.

If at least three officers motion to send the request to referendum, a proposal must be made to the PhD student body at large, either via Slack, e-mail, or in-person.  The applicant must collect explicit approval from at least 25% of the current PhD student population at Cornell Tech. If collected and verified by the Strategic Officer, the request is approved.

Requests which are not rejected outright or sent to referendum are approved.

Spending Approved Funds

Approved funds generally must be spent within 30 days of receiving approval.

Most requests must be spent out of pocket.  Save and scan your receipts and the Treasurer will work with you to reimburse you.