PACT Meeting 2020-04-10
PACT Meeting 2020-04-10

Meeting Notes


  • How are people coping? (Anthony)

We’ll create a Zoom-based TGI-Whatever to check in on people.  The purpose of this is purely social rather than a town hall.  [Anthony]

Usual Updates

  • Budget update (Travers)

Want to make sure things that can be reimbursed through GPSA, will be reimbursed through GPSA (rather than through Student Services), as that money will not roll over to next year.

We should have a budget to make it easier to track our spending rather than ad-hoc spending, as it’s hard to align actual expenditures with budgeted expenditures.

  • GPSA application process update (Travers)

No update.

  • PACT website, calendar + task-tracking tools (Lynne)

Moved documents to wiki on the website.

  • Lounge purchases (Natalie)

No purchases until next year.

  • Funding process docs (Anthony)

No updates until next year.

Send process docs to all students to encourage other home-based social events.  [Anthony]

Home-Based Social Events

Home-based social events (ex: as wine and painting).  What are other ideas for home-based social events?

  • Cooking?  Recipe a week.
  • Movie night?  Games night?
  • Send a call for ideas.

CGSU Petition

Should we do anything? The petition is an expression of support for these ideas rather than a bargaining effort. It equally applies to Tech since there’s no bargaining happening.

Take the constituent parts of the petition and see what PACT can do to help address or advocate for them.

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