PACT Meeting 2020-05-08
PACT Meeting 2020-05-08

Meeting Notes


  • Questions and concerns about summer and fall?  (Anthony)
    • What is the plan for when will Bloomberg open again as an office space?
    • How will first year students be welcomed to campus?
    • Will the campus schedule or reopening schedule for fall differ from Ithaca?
    • What form will fall semester take?
    • Will funding for PACT be impacted by reductions in discretionary spending?
    • TODO: Anthony to follow up with additional questions from PhDs.

Usual Updates

  • Budget update (Travers)
    • Budget cleared for 2019-2020 academic year!
  • GPSA application process update (Travers)
  • PACT website, calendar + task-tracking tools (Lynne)
  • Lounge purchases (Natalie)
  • Funding process docs (Anthony)

New Business

  • Summer schedule for PACT (Anthony)
    • TODO: Alane to set up a weekly Zoom TGIF over summer.

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