PACT Meeting 2020-08-06
PACT Meeting 2020-08-06

Meeting Notes


  • Follow up on what we know about previous questions and concerns about summer and fall?  (Anthony)
    • What is the plan for when Bloomberg will open again as an office space?
      • Still unknown.
    • How will first year students be welcomed to campus?
      • Online orientation and Info Fairs.  Entirely online instruction, moving in on a case by case basis for PhDs.
    • Will the campus schedule or reopening schedule for fall differ from Ithaca?
    • What form will fall semester take?
      • Online instruction, except for a couple exceptions (ex: Studio).
    • Will funding for PACT be impacted by reductions in discretionary spending?
      • Not impacted.

New Business

  • House experiences with COVID-19.  (Alane)
    • There are a lot of long-standing issues that impact the experience of students living in the House.
      • TODO [Alane]: Create a doc for people to list issues.
      • TODO [Amy]: Send doc to Masters students’ Slack channel to solicit additional responses.
  • Requesting volunteers for staffing orientation and info fair events.  (Anthony)
    • Travers to cover Info Fair on Tuesday August 25th: 8-9.
    • Anthony to cover Info Fair on Wednesday August 26th: 2-3.
      • TODO [Anthony]: Send volunteer assignments to Sarah Rubin.
    • Orientation Student Panel on Tuesday September 1st: 11-12.
      • TODO [Anthony]: Will ask again closer to date (Anthony).
      • TODO [Anthony]: Ask Jackie for a list of new PhD students (or at least a count).
  • Scheduling virtual happy hour.  (Alane)
    • Will hold it every other week virtually, to encourage more participation.
      • TODO [Alane]: Create a Slack poll to schedule time (Alane).
  • Starting the GPSA funding application process.  (Travers)
      • TODO [Travers]: Schedule meeting with Jackie to discuss requirements.
  • Scheduling recurring PACT meetings.  (Anthony)
      • TODO [Anthony]: Will ask closer to the end of August.
  • Need a new ECE representative.  (Anthony)
      • TODO [Anthony]: Ask Jackie for a list of current ECE PhD students.
  • Broad plans for using our money this year.  (Anthony)
    • Though we continue to have money, it’s challenging to think of what to spend it on due to Bloomberg closure and the lack of shared physical spaces.
    • We can spend money in Spring more heavily, assuming students are able to work in-person.
    • We can also think about activities to spend money on that could be done remotely.

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