PACT Meeting – 2020-10-28
PACT Meeting – 2020-10-28

Meeting Notes


  • House residents now have 15 pages of printing for free per month.

Old Business

  • Cornell Tech Town Hall (Anthony)
    • Scheduled for Wednesday, November 18th, 4:15 – 5:15 PM ET.
    • Initial things to put on agenda:
      • House Issues
      • COVID-19 impact for the Spring semester.
  • GPSA Byline Application (Travers)
    • Still waiting for a response from the Office of Assemblies.
      • TODO [Anthony]: Set up a meeting with CTSA to discuss funding.
  • Meeting Requirements due to COVID-19 (Natalie)
    • Remote social hour approved.

New Business

  • Social Hour Management (Anthony)
    • Wenqi is not available to do this anymore.
      • TODO [Anthony]: Ask for volunteers to manage this or cancel.

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