PACT Meeting – 2020-10-14
PACT Meeting – 2020-10-14

Meeting Notes


  • Printing Access (Anthony)
    • Student Services says that the House will be working to set up a limited free printing service for residents only in the House lobby.  It sounds like it will take them a few weeks.

Old Business

  • GPSA Byline Application (Travers)
    • Email sent to the Director of the Office of the Assemblies at Cornell University below.  It contains a proposed draft of the funding mechanism for PACT and CTSA going forward.  Waiting to hear back.
  • House Experiences with COVID-19 (Anthony)
    • Email sent with the summary document to Student Services and they forwarded it to house management.
  • Meeting Requirements due to COVID-19 (Natalie)
    • No updates yet.
  • Snack Social (Anthony)
    • We had it, and sent snacks to 30 people.

New Business

  • Schedule Tech Town Hall.
    • Things like house experiences and printing access with long follow-up times should be on this agenda.
    • Tentatively the week of November 15th sounds good because that is offset from departmental town halls and after the election but before Thanksgiving.
      • TODO [Anthony]: Send email to Student Services and Nicki to schedule a town hall.
      • TODO [Anthony]: Send out a When-Is-Good for an agenda-setting meeting.

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