PACT Meeting – 2021-04-30
PACT Meeting – 2021-04-30

Meeting Agenda

Old Business

  • Student letter regarding Diversity and Inclusion and campus environment issue.  (Emily)
      • TODO [Emily]: Look into whether to release the letter to a broader audience.
  • Town Hall items.  (Emily)
    • House billing issues.
    • Fall semester.
    • Maternity accommodations/childcare
    • Remote access to classes.
      • TODO [Ge]: Follow up with Dean’s office and Student Services.

New Business

  • Cornell Tech Wellness Activities (Sharon)
    • Met with student advisory wellness panel – comprised of PhD, masters/MBA students to talk about wellness ideas and community activities 
    • Suggestions included: activity-based events (e.g. sending coloring kits, henna workshop), care packages, both remote and in-person events, having the tech clusters be smaller and 1:1 (hard to schedule time otherwise)
        • Next steps [Sharon]: Will meet with Sarah to discuss activities (PhD-focused events, ask what should student services fund vs. PACT), care packages with PACT funding, on-campus restrictions follow-up with Sarah
        • Next steps [Marianne]: Look into activities which spend money.

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