PACT meeting – 2022 – 02 – 25

Meeting Agenda

Old Business

    • Rug and table for the lounge (Natalie can’t attend but this is what she is proposing)
  • TODO [Lynne]: purchase these directly rather than reimbursement. 
      • Check in again on this funding


Rug ($209)


Table ($479)

  • Table is fireproof


Couch – All furniture must be fireproof (pillows and rug are an exception) 

  • New couch that is fire retardant is $1500+, thoughts?


New Business

  • New DEI, Shakima (Sharon & Liam)
  • Sexual Assault & Harassment Resources for Cornell Tech (Marianne)
  • Hiring (Dan/Emily)
    • We are trying really, really hard to have us involved in hiring!
    • IS department only department that has PhD students give feedback
    • ISGSA is also getting feedback vs. Cornell tech getting faculty feedback
    • This only affects IS Tech candidates 
    • One possibility: ISGSA survey – all tech gets this one survey 
    • Current ISGSA survey does not ask: potential impact and doesn’t ask for diversity, inclusion, belonging
    • 3 diff feedback forms: from Katherine, ISGSA, Tech

Next steps: want DEI questions for ideally both Ithaca & Tech; if not, then just Tech; possible option: one survey & option to pick tech or ithaca campus and add logic; adding a PACT role/task to anonymize feedback; having Katherine not email PhD students w/ form

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