PACT Meeting 2022-03-11

Old Business

  • Sexual Assault & Harassment Resources for Cornell Tech (Marianne)
    • Why Title IX can be difficult
    • Marianne met with Shakima & Dan, three goals emerged:
      • Creating a new page for Sexual Assault & Harassment Resources at Cornell Tech
        • Marianne to put together initial proposal
      • Working with SHARE to update their resources for Cornell Tech
        • Once Marianne has put together proposal, Dan will help liaise with SHARE
      • Creating a resource at Cornell Tech that students can talk to confidentially and who is knowledgeable about reporting options and who is knowledgeable about Cornell Tech and is trained in talking with victims of sexual assault and harassment.
        • Faculty can somewhat fulfill this role, but this is an imperfect solution we shouldn’t rely on
        • Proposal to do paid trainings for PhD students? (need 1x training for resources, 1x training for how to talk with victims of sexual assault and harassment) Should the trained peer folks be part of PACT? Departmental reps? Who will fund? (Dean’s office? CIS? DEI?)
        • Can Shakima and Dan become not designated reporters?
  • Rug and table for the lounge
    • Lynne purchased a rug ($244.96) and table ($792.61) for the lounge (going through reimbursement)


Table (fireproof):

  • Faculty hiring updates 
    • Feedback from a PhD student who hosted a faculty candidate:
      • Difficult to engage with candidate on research if out of research area
      • “Only my lab showed up to meet-and-greet because our advisor told us to go”
      • Spreadsheet with a high level overview (maybe later on/after setting up PACT calendar) 
    • IS + PACT forms for IS candidates
  • Mental Health Update (Liam & Sharon)
    • CAPS & Tech contract blocker – unable to tap into MANTRA because Ithaca is holding the contract 
    • After approval of contract, will get access counselor 
    • Aim for access to the service in the fall 


New Business

    • Social Events for rest of semester
      • Paint ‘N Sip at Painting Lounge ($560 for up to 16 people, up to 20 people allowed)
      • Candle-making at Lanterne Lab ($45/pp for min 12 people, up to 22 people)
      • Need to book first, so the best move is probably just to pick a date, then ask people to sign up
      • Group Chocolate making, In person, classes are $200 flat fee for booking a private class + $100/person.
      • Total budget: < $2000, plan for one in April, one in May
      • How to go about booking?
    • PACT Calendar for Tech PhD students?
      • Adding this for faculty talks + social hour
    • PACT budget (Sharon & Anne)
  • Total spendable: $9,485
    • GPSA funding (different budgeting) – got 6191 – most of the funding for the year & funds rollover ($75.5/student)
    • Want to buy physical stuff (can get reimbursed vs. purchasing for us) —> prefer to buy it for us (tax exemption/discounts) —> reach out to Melissa
    • Want to purchase service (need contract), trips, will need to ask Melissa + Michael *important not to sign contracts/vendor
    • Unallowable transactions: purchasing food on campus
    • Will ask for business purpose
    • Spending
      • Social (ex. pizza), wellness (Maya: puppies day in Ithaca campus)( , lounge
      • Workshops
      • Library
      • Swag? (e.g., clothing)


  • New toys, speakers! (Liam)

                        SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) – 999.00$

battery powered


SOUNDBOKS 2 – 699.00$


JBL – PartyBox 310 Portable Party Speaker – 549.99$


UE Hyperboom – 449.99$


JBL Partybox 100 – 300$



Google cast/computer equipment


Period supplies

Professional services (consultation services)

Pizza party

Library (shared)

  • Slide where ppl can add things they want

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