PACT Meeting 2020-09-02
PACT Meeting 2020-09-02

Meeting Notes


  • Concerns, issues, and uncertainties starting this semester.  [Anthony]
    • How do you get things from Bloomberg or print stuff?
      • Ask student services what the norm is. [Anthony]
      • How to get into Bloomberg on a daily basis. [Anthony]

Old Business

  • Orientation.  [Anthony]
    • 6 incoming CS students and 6 incoming IS students.
    • Student services believe they cannot release student names due to FERPA.
  • Need a new ECE representative.  [Anthony]
    • One ECE student who is not available for this position.
    • Leaving this position empty.
  • House experiences with COVID-19.  [Alane]
    • One issue so far around getting small furniture allowed.
    • Furniture policy is too strict and unwieldy for case-by-case basis.
    • A lot of furniture was moved in earlier when House was less strict, and the rule then was existing, provided furniture could not be removed.
        • Push for more input on the House Experience document.  [Alane]
        • We’ll expect to review this and publish by the next PACT meeting.
  • Scheduling virtual happy hours or other social events.  [Alane]
    • Most available time to schedule a happy hour seems to be every-other Friday @ 5 PM.
      • Schedule happy hour. [Alane ask Wenqi]
  • Well-Being updates.  [Natalie]
    • PhD matching program, which sent out a survey last week.
    • Natalie will be sending out the matches for the matching program.

New Business

  • Asking Cornell Tech if we could fund a CitiBike corporate membership program for students.  [Rama]
    • Opt-in after 10 minimum membership.
    • Unknown if Cornell Tech will have the money to pay for the corporate membership.
    • Verification requires a program manager to notify CitiBike customer service within 72 hours.
    • Could PACT pay for this?  It would use the money we need to use, but also it’s a large commitment compared to existing money.
      • Ask about faculty interest in signing up for this?  [Rama]
  • Add all new students to the PhD slack channel.  [Eugene]
    • There is an email list that is maintained by student services that reaches all PhDs, but includes administration.
      • Ask IS dept for a new student list and add them to the channel. [Rama]
      • Ask CS dept for a new student list and add them to the channel. [Alane]

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