PACT Meeting 2020-09-16
PACT Meeting 2020-09-16

Meeting Notes


  • Access to Bloomberg. (Anthony)
    • Have to do a self-check procedure, even for short visits (like to pick up printing).
    • TODO [Anthony]: Ask questions about needs to access Bloomberg.

Old Business

  • PhD Listing on Website.  (Anthony)
    • Student Services saying that they would update the website (publicly facing student list), but it would take a while as it’s not top priority at the moment.
    • TODO [Natalie]: To get a list of PhD students, just email the list and ask them to self-identify to add them to Slack.
  • Focus Groups on Tech Website Redesign.  (Anthony)
    • Tech website being redesigned, and they are seeking PhD input to understand PhD and PhD applicant information needs.
  • House experiences with COVID-19.  (Alane)
    • Several issues discovered:
      • Difficulty obtaining furniture, particularly furniture that will enable students to be more effective at research.
      • Refunds of security deposits being withheld.
      • Application fees not being refunded or poor communication.
      • Timeline or process for opening up the gym to residents.
      • Electricity bills charged in large lumps rather than monthly.
      • Barriers to couples living together in a studio, requirements about this are unclear.
      • Categories: communication, policies, billing stuff.
    • TODO [Alane]: Create a new document addressed to admin.
  • Scheduling virtual happy hours or other social events.  (Alane)
    • A bi-weekly happy hour has been scheduled now.
  • Well-Being updates.  (Natalie)
    • Training as “Health and Wellness Officer.”
    • Matches have been set up for 1-on-1 socializing.
    • Even for virtual events, we need to get approval from a health officer board and record lists of participants?
    • TODO [Natalie]: Ask for clarification on requirements.

New Business

  • Activity Idea: Try snacks from your area; pre-register with an address. (Anthony)
    • What other activities take advantage of the fact that we’re physically distributed?
      • Drawing, sending everyone a box of crayons.
    • TODO [Anthony]: Create funding request, create a RSVP sheet.
  • Shared bikes left over from ct2chains project. (Anthony)
    • Potentially buy locks, have bikes locked outside Bloomberg, and store keys in Lounge.
    • TODO [Anthony]: Follow up with Rama on whether he can buy these locks.

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