PACT Meeting – 2021-03-05
PACT Meeting – 2021-03-05

Meeting Notes

Old Business

  • Funding (Ge/Lin?)
    • Streamline the funding from university so that we don’t have to go through applications
      • TODO [Lin]: Prepare the application for the next cycle
      • TODO [Ge]: reach out to CTSG’s current president for signature 

New Business

  • Donut for Slack (Marianne)
    • Automatically pair people for socials 
    • Could start with the free version
      • TODO [Marianne]: Set it up for the cornell tech slack
  • Bikes (Jatin)
    • Bikes (left from a previous startup) sharable among phd students?
    • There are the bike lockup locations on the west side of the building that no one uses; this would be a decent spot to store them.
    • Get funding: 
      • TODO [Jatin]: Repair the two bikes and buy locks if needed.

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