PACT Meeting – 2021-09-17
PACT Meeting – 2021-09-17

Meeting Agenda

Old Business

  • Picnic/Whale Watch (Marianne)
    • Whale watch is all set, but 2 people cannot make it
    • What to do about food/picnic?
    • Do we pay for on-board food/drinks?
    • Need to reschedule 
    • Picnic location: Bryant Park? 
      • TODO [Mariannee]: reschedule whale-watch trip

New Business

  • On-campus flu shot clinics (Ge)
    • Have been communicating with the student service team to provide Tech students on-campus flu vaccination clinic
    • The reply was they need a few more days 
      • TODO [Ge]: continue to follow up with Jackie, and update students
  • Business cards and headshots  (Ge)
    • Collect the preference on getting business cards and headshots
    • Need to look into the cost: funded by PACT and possibly by Tech in some portion 
      • TODO [Julia, Sharon]: start a survey
  • Noise-canceling headphones (Ge)
    • Provide noise-canceling headphones for new students starting at Tech
    • Survey on current situation and preference
    • What is the standard for each department?
    • Other equipment: monitors?
    • Volunteers on pushing this forward?
      • TODO [Anthony, Yin]: figure out the requirements across departments
  • Hiring @ Tech (Emily)
    • Fact-finding: How are PhD students involved with faculty hiring in each department who hires candidates to Tech?
      • IS is known
      • CS?
        • Not involved
        • You get invited to the student lunch if it’s in your area
      • ORIE?
      • ECE?
      • Business?
    • Goal is to set up a structured and PhD-student-facilitated process for incorporating PhD student feedback in faculty hiring decisions

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