PACT Meeting – 2021-10-15
PACT Meeting – 2021-10-15

Meeting Agenda

Old Business

  • Equipment Issues (Anthony & Yin)
    • ORIE, ECE: there is no official policy on equipment and talk to advisors 
      • TODO [Anthony, Yin]: draft up a cleaned up report of policies.
  • Headshots (Sharon)
    • Possible collaboration with master students
    • Confusing emails from master students so far
      • TODO[Sharon]: figure out the demands from master students 
      • TODO[Ge]: talk with Jackie more about funding part
  • Faculty hiring (Emily)
    • Put together recs on this doc: comments welcome
    • Make sure student meetings with candidate are available 
    • Student representative at the hiring committee?
    • Procedure is a bit different across departments:
      •  department-level first or tech-level first 

New Business

  • Funding this year (Yin)
    • Will hold a meeting with Jackie and master students on fundings 
    • Amendment is stuck at the president’s office at this point 
    • Expected: # students * $68 (out of $86) ~= 5k per year
    • 11k balance at this point 
      • TODO[Yin]: send out an email to inform students about the funding and how to submit a request to spend a small amount 
  • Comm brown bag (Marianne)
    • Time: 1st week of November? 11/4
    • Eugene might take a lead on this
  • Thanksgiving social (Marianne)
    • Time? Thursday before Thanksgiving
    • In-person! 
    • Food: location, likely not on campus
      • TODO[Marianne]: Figure out details of the location and time 
  • Yoga studio (Sharon)
    • New Yoga studio opens on RI
    • A class session for CT students only? Beginner level would be great.
      • TODO[Sharon]: figure out details of the possible session (time)


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